Monday, August 14, 2017

Brag Tag Speech Superstar FREEBIE!

Head on over to TPT and grab these cute Brag Tags! Click HERE.
This FREE download includes 12 superhero kids with the title “Speech Superstar”.
Print as many copies as you like for reinforcement of positive behavior in speech therapy.
You can print on colored paper (astrobrights are my fave) for more of a pop!
Punch a hole and attach string to make a brag tag necklace that students can bring home.
You can also laminate and use over and over during therapy as a reinforcement.
Enjoy and please follow BigAppleSpeech for more great materials!
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Growing Expressive Language Flip Book Bundle

The bundle is growing!! I have added many new interactive flip books to my collection including targets for the verbs "is/are, was/were".  If you have purchased the bundle on teachers pay teachers, you can redownload it to access the new books for FREE!

The price will increase as I add new books, so purchase now to lock in this price:)
Follow this link to check it out:)

There are also new books targeting Past Tense and Plurals. 

Check out my page at

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Flash FREEBIE! Snowy Synonyms

I've been very focused on vocabulary this year and have seen a ton of progress in my students working worth synonyms.  This snowflake synonym activity is great for small groups and is fully differentiated.  Find it HERE on teachers pay teachers.

You can use it in many ways depending on student level.
–There are 8 words, each with 8 synonyms included in this activity.
•Ideas for use:
–Give students one word and have them write it in the middle of a snowflake.  Students can independently think of and write additional synonyms on the snowflakes.
–To differentiate, have students draw cards and match synonyms to the word on their snowflake.
–Take the cards away and see how many synonyms  students can recall to write on their snowflake.

-For differentiation, let students copy the synonyms onto their snowflake. Or, have students glue words onto their snowflake.
-2 snowflake templates are included, but you can have students make their own!
•A game board is also included for motivation.

Enjoy and please leave feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers to keep me motivated to post flash freebies!
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Monday, August 29, 2016

FLASH FREEBIE! Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? Interactive Adapted Book

I haven't done a "flash freebie" in awhile and thought.... what better way to start the new school year!

I made a really cute interactive, adapted book to accompany "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" by Bill Martin, Jr.  It will be FREE on tpt until 8/31 at 5pm est.  Find it HERE!

On each page, the student must select the correct sight word, from a field of 3 (I, see,a) and the correct picture (from a field of 10) to complete the

sentence (" I see a_____").

I then have my students point to each word and read the sentence. This not only works well as an adapted companion for the Brown Bear book, but targets many skills on its own including:
-sight words
-sentence creation
-increasing MLU

Directions: Print and laminate all pages for durability.
Cut each page in 1/2 , but leave page 7 whole as the book base.
Cut all pieces on the bottom half of page 6 out, and velcro above matching pieces on page 7 to allow students to interactively create sentences.  My students LOVE velcro and really enjoy interactive books.  For more instructions on assembly and to see the completed version, please visit

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni

I finally finished a cute companion pack for one of my favorite books by an amazing author!

Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni is great for working on vocabulary, compare/ contrast, cause/effect and many other goals!
You can find this packet HERE on teachers pay teachers.  The activities are geared toward grades K-2 but many can be differentiated to fit various student levels.

Contents and Directions:
Print and Laminate all pages for durability.
Pages 3-5: Compare and contrast characters: Frog & Fish
use page 4 as a branching strategy to have students match descriptions to the character(s) they belong with on page 3
Pages 6-8: Frog Lifecycle model and student page.
Includes cut out word choices for differentiation.
Pages 9-11: Sequence the story with the choice of 2 sequencing mats.
Pages 12-15: Target Vocabulary found in the story and pertaining to the characters
Includes fill- in the blank worksheets for homework/ extra practice.
Page 16-17: Concrete and higher-order language open-ended “WH” questions 
Pages 18-20: Cause and Effect
Includes a matching cause and effect page and a writing page.
Pages 21-: Following directions with prepositions
Print one “pond” page and one “pond life” page per student.
Give students directions to place each piece on the pond page according to prepositions (above, below, next to)
You can also use these pages for multi-step directions (ie. put one duck and two bees above the pond).
Enjoy and please leave feedback!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freebie alert! Accountable talk stems

Accountable talk is a great way to teach students to actively listen to each other's statements, agree/disagree with them, and build on ideas. Find it HERE on Teachers pay teachers.

Directions and contents of this download:
Print as many copies as you need for your students and laminate for longevity.
Cut out circles and attach to popsicle sticks using glue or sticky tack.
Use stems to encourage accountable talk and teach students to agree/ disagree with each other’s statements/ reasons.
This is great for turn and talk exercises.

Enjoy and please follow BigAppleSpeech for more great materials!
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Friday, June 17, 2016

New Fall Packet for Emergent Readers!

As the school year is coming to an end, I'm already prepping for Fall!
I posted a new Fall themed activity geared toward Pre-k through 1st graders to work on phonemic awareness, rhyming, vocabulary and more!  Check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE!

The packet includes:
Pages 3-5: Fall vocabulary cards and worksheet

Pages 6-8:  Compare and contrast Apple and Pumpkin
use page 8 as a branching strategy for student choices

Pages 9-11: Sequencing carving a pumpkin
Includes 2 choices with various sequencing words

Page 12-13: Describing Fall
Use page 12 for drawing pictures and page 13 for writing words
Pages 14-17: Rhyming
Use a train to help students identify ending sounds in words and match words that rhyme.
Pages 18-19: Beginning and ending sound identification mats
Pages 20-22: Following directions with prepositions (print one mat and page of picture cards per student)
Pages 23-24: Auditory Comprehension Fall story (differentiated)
Open ended questions
Multiple choice questions (can read choice to students)

Please message me with any questions!  I hope you can use this with your students:)
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